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All Dating Links provides two free of charge ways to list and promote your site,  Featured Listings, or  Non-Featured Listings. Featured Listings are shown first with more details, Non-featured listings are shown last. To be a featured listing, publish on your default home page either 1: the All Dating Links Logo (including link tags) or 2: the All Dating Links text link, as shown below. 

Note: if the logo or text link is placed  at a static page that can be reached by one visible clickable link from your home page, then your site will be eligible for a non-featured listing. 

The content of all sites must be primarily "Dating". Only one free listing per domain is accepted. (Additional exposure is available by purchasing banner advertising or becoming a sponsor site

Please publish the Logo FIRST before filling in and submitting the bottom of this registration form.

Logo Links

1. Right Click on one of the  graphics below, save it, then upload it to your web site.



All Dating Links

All Dating Links

All Dating Links

All Dating Links

All Dating Links

All Dating Links

2. Place the following html code on your sites default HOME page, that is the page visitors see first. This is also the same page we will refer more visitors to.  Cut and paste the code shown below onto your page then modify the YELLOW areas for the path and location that the Logo is stored at your domain. Note the logo must be installed at your domain on your servers ONLY. Then modify the RED areas to reflect the size and name of the logo you have selected to install.

<IMG SRC="http://www.yourdomainpath/alldatew.gif
All Dating Links</A></FONT></I></B></CENTER></P>

Remember this code must  be modified to reflect the directory at YOUR site that the logo has been placed.

Text Links

Or select one of the two text links shown below.

Text 1 All Dating Links
Code for Text1 <a href="">All Dating Links</a>
Text 2
All Dating Links  Directory of singles services for dating,  personals, matchmaking, mail order brides, chat room, romance advice and travel.
Code for Text2 <a href="">All Dating Links</a>
Directory of singles services for dating, personals, matchmaking,
mail order brides, chat room, romance advice and travel.
After you submit the form below, we will visit your site within a week. After we upload your information to ALL Dating Links we will email you and confirm which page your site has been placed on.  Your site will also be listed on the NEW category page. And show the graphic for two weeks.
WARNING: Only submit the following  form  AFTER you have successfully placed the ALL Dating Links Logo or text link on your home page. Registrations without the Logo already in place are disregarded.  You will have to register again after you have completed the work. Note: we no longer accept sites hosted on free servers, which do not have unique content.


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